Thematic Axes

COBRAC 2022 will accept for publication original papers related to the thematic axes: land cadastre, thematic cadastre and its multipurpose, technological development for the multipurpose land cadastre, land management and land tenure policy, professional practices and teaching in land cadastre, multipurpose land cadastre and sustainable development, not published in any other media. These axes are detailed below:

Thematic Axis: Land Cadastre
– Regulation of the Land Cadastre – urban and rural (Legislation and standardization)
– Georeferencing of rural and urban lands
– Cadastral cartography
– Data model for land cadastre and land administration systems
– Rights, Restrictions, and Responsibilities (RRR) in Cadastre and Land Registry
– LADM – Land Administration Domain Model (ISO 19152)
– STDM – Social Tenure Domain Model
– Land Cadastre and the SINTER
– Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration
– Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and the Cadastre
– Integration between the rural and urban cadastres
– Cadastre and Land Registry
– The Cadastre and the Mass Appraisal of Real Estate
– Cadastre and property tax
– Multidimensional Cadastre: 3D, 4D, nD

Main Topic: Thematic Cadastres and their multipurposeness
– Socioeconomic Cadastre
– Tax Cadastre
– Infrastructure Network Cadastre
– Environmental Cadastre
– Rural Environmental Cadastre (CAR – A Brazilian national system)
– Maritime Cadastre
– Mining Cadastre
– Collaborative cadastre (VGI and crowdsourcing)
– Real Estate Market Observatory

Thematic Area: Technological Development for the Multifinalitarian Territorial Cadastre
– Cartography
– Photogrammetry
– Applied geodesy
– Topography
– Remote Sensing
– Geographic Information System
– Territorial Information System
– Cadastral Management
– Technologies applicable to geo-referencing
– Technologies for cadastral management and updating
– Technology to integrate cadastre and society
– Cadastre and smart cities
– Cadastre and CityGML
– Cadastre and BIM

Thematic priority: Land Management and Land Policy
– Land Governance
– Land planning and (re)regulation
– Land Administration Systems
– National Rural Cadastre System
– Land tenure structure and regularization
– The cadastre, agrarian reform, and agricultural policies
– Economic aspects of the cadastre
– The cadastre and economic, environmental, and social sustainability
– The land cadastre and municipal planning
– The cadastre and land policies
– Technical and administrative structures of the land cadastre
– The Land Cadastre and the support of Universities and Institutes
– SINTER management and the Territorial Cadastre
– GeoDesign and the Territorial Cadastre
– Spatial-temporal analysis

Thematic Stream: Professional and Educational Practices in Land Cadastre
– Good Professional Practices in Land Cadastre
– Regulation of the professional activity of land registration
– Professional Representativeness
– Good practices of teaching in Land Cadastre
– Teaching methodologies in Land Cadastre
– Curricular guidelines in Land Cadastre
– Curriculum content of curricular components in Land Cadastre
– Teaching land registration in technical courses
– Teaching Land Cadastre for undergraduate courses
– Teaching land registries at the graduate level
– Land Cadastre professional training courses
– Teaching land cadastre through distance learning (DLL)

Thematic Axis: Multipurpose Land Cadastre and sustainable urban development
A Special thematic line for COBRAC 2022. Papers will be evaluated if they make use of Land Cadastre tools and geotechnologies in general in any study and research that relates to the objectives of sustainable urban development. A specific debate session will take place at COBRAC 2022, including articles from this thematic line that are selected for oral presentation.